CSC Coil

Puerto Rico’s only coil factory, CSC Coil specializes in producing high quality coils and condensers with short lead times. We offer fast and economical air freight shipping to North America and the Caribbean. Call today for custom coils shipped fast.

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Custom Coils FAST


  • Custom replacement condensers manufactured for all popular brands as well as custom applications.

  • CSC produces high quality microchannel replacement coils using conventional copper tube aluminum fin construction.

  • Custom made Evaporator Coils for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Fluid coils made to order for various industrial applications.

  • Chilled Water Coil manufactured in the shortest lead times.

  • Quality replacement hot water coils manufactured to your specifications.

  • High quality commercial and industrial replacement steam coils.

  • Custom coils built to your required specifications for various types of applications.

We have experienced representatives to help answer your questions about your coil replacement needs.
Contact us today at 787-735-3838 or email us at [email protected]