Surge Tanks

Surge Tanks

Surge tanks serve a few specific primary functions, including controlling pressure variations caused by rapid changes in temperature. Surge tanks prevent cooling system failures by regulating the rise and fall in pressure.

Radiators in trucks are topped with surge tanks to prevent blowouts of radiator fluid. Surge tanks are attached at the highest point of the system in order to force fluids upward in the event that pressure rises.  This forces the fluids to shift into the tank, preventing a system blowout.  Truck surge tanks were traditionally positioned at the top of the radiator or integrated into the top tank. However, with the introduction of the plastic/aluminum radiator, most truck surge tanks have been remotely mounted, usually on the firewall. 

When dealing with closed systems like radiators, a surge tank is the only way to ensure your vehicle can effectively handle a rapid increase in pressure. If the increased pressure cannot be dissipated it will cause a rupture.  In the event that pressure rapidly drops, a surge tank will fill in with fluid reserves until the pressure is brought back to normal levels. 

Selecting The Right Surge Tanks

When shopping for a surge tank, it’s important to select one that’s specifically designed and rated for the system in which it’s being installed. If your surge tank is not fitted properly, or is not strong enough for your vehicle, it could lead to serious complications.  All of our truck surge tanks meet OEM specifications and are direct replacements for your truck surge tank.

Please browse our truck surge tank selection below to find the one that’s right for your vehicle. If you do not see your particular application, feel free to call us as new models are arriving regularly.